Teaching & Learning

“The NCCA  Homepage” –  the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment homepage  has a facility for parents which may be of interest to you. Click the following link to take you to this pagehttps://ncca.ie/en

“Junior Cycle is Changing” The new Junior Cycle features newly developed subjects and short courses, a focus on key skills, and new approaches to assessment and reporting. The following link will bring you a web page that will explain it all to youhttps://curriculumonline.ie/Junior-cycle/Junior-Cycle-is-changing/

“What Will Students Experience in Junior Cycle?” – The following is a link to the NCCA’s video which attempts to give parents an insight into what the Junior Cycle will be like for their child – https://youtu.be/U8E_79B9Klw

“Reporting – Sean’s Story” – This is another very helpful NCCA video and explains how the Junior Cycle is reported on and the thinking behind this which is explained from a child’s/students’ perspective – https://youtu.be/giT6XQvogKk

 “JCT Homepage” – The “Junior Cycle for Teachers” homepage has a lot of information on the new Junior Cycle – https://jct.ie/home/home.php

“JCT Wellbeing” – You can find information regarding the implementation of the new Junior Cycle Wellbeing programme on the “JCT Wellbeing” homepage – https://jct.ie/wellbeing/wellbeing

“Classroom Based Assessments – CBAs”Another useful page is the “JCT – In Conversation with Parents” web page which has a video that you, as a parent.  might find informative. This video explains what Classroom Based Assessments are all about and their purpose. Just click the link to access the video –  https://youtu.be/O68F7JcCJbo

“JCT  – Information for Primary School Parents” – leaflet –  This is a link to a very informative leaflet for parents whose child will be transitioning from primary school to First Year. It aims to explain what the new Junior Cycle is all about.  https://jct.ie/perch/resources/leadership/jc-info-parents-primary-092019.pdf

“JCT Information for Secondary School Parents” – leaflet – This leaflet gives information on CBAs, how they will be corrected and reported on. It also outlines what short courses entail, gives information on student wellbeing and what Level 1 and 2 Learning programmes are – https://jct.ie/perch/resources/leadership/jc-info-parents-post-primary-092019.pdf

JCT – How will students know they are learning? – This pamphlet tries to outline how changes in assessment will be seen across the three years of Junior Cycle and what type of assessments will be taking place –  https://jct.ie/perch/resources/leadership/ongoing-assess-reporting-poster.pdf

JCT – “Student Journey towards the JCPA – This leaflet, created by the JCT for the National Parents Council, gives samples of the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement and outlines the key aspects of a student’s Junior Cycle experience –  https://jct.ie/perch/resources/leadership/npc-student-journey-towards-the-jcpa.pdf

“Level 1 – Learning Programmes” – This video explains to parents what a Level 1 Learning Programme – L1LP – is all about – https://youtu.be/udE5NdfbKBE

“Level 2 – Learning Programmes” –This video explains what Level 2 Learning Programmes – L2LPs – involve – https://youtu.be/ZXxX1e0ZMlI

“Digital Literacy/Key Skills”This infographic explains the key skills that students will develop while doing the Digital Literacy short coursehttps://jct.ie/perch/resources/leadership/digital-keys-skills-infographic.pdf

Details of Junior Cycle subject specifications and assessment formats can be accessed at: