School Day

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, there are some temporary changes: there will be 3 break times and 3 lunch times.

Classes commence at 9.00am daily concluding at 3.55pm on Monday and Tuesday, and at 3.15pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Classes are 40 minutes in duration. All students have morning break 11.00-11.15am, while lunch breaks are staggered. First, Second and Transition Year students take lunch break 12.35-1.15pm daily while Third, Fifth and Leaving Certificate students’ lunch break is 1.15-1.55pm daily.

9am: Period 1

9:40: Period 2

10:20: Period 3

11:00 Break for all students

11:15: Period 4

11:55: Period 5

12:35: Period 6. Lunch for 1st, 2nd and 4th Yr

1:15: Period 7. Lunch for 3rd, 5th and 6th Yr

1:55: Period 8

2:35: Period 9

3:15: Period 10 (Mon & Tues only)